Day 96: Trafalgar Falls in Dominica

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10:51 PM GMT-4 // at sea, my cabin {cruise day 4/11}

The Dream Team has kind of dissolved. Some people left last cruise, others paired up. Ah well, it was fun while it lasted. It’s kind of funny that despite there being a disproportionately high number of men to women on the ship, most of my friends here now seem to be women. For some reason, men here seem to have that glazed over deer-in-headlights look whenever I try to talk about feelings. And fist-bumping is just not as fun as a real hug. Perhaps I need to research more male-appropriate talking points. And learn to fist-bump better.

Friendships on the ship is a bit like going to a buffet. You have a limited time for “all-you-can-eat”. Everyone’s here for a relatively short time, so you need to work out who’s worth hanging out with quickly. And then you want to make the most of it. It’s sounds a bit bizarre, but unfortunately that’s reality when you travel. So in that respect I’m quite lucky. I don’t work closely with anyone, so I have the option to pick and choose who I hang out with. Many groups seem to evolve out of default because they work together. But on the other hand, that also makes me a bit of an outsider. But it also gives me the luxury of joining the group with the most interesting plans for the day. I find this much easier than having to convince people to do what I want to do or to have to adapt to what the group wants to do.

Anyway, this cruise I’ve been hanging out with the seasonal youth staffers. Seasonal staff are here for a short time to help with the surge of kids during spring break. The cool thing is these people are here to work AND have fun, so they have great energy. So it’s been lots of fun but unfortunately they leave in about a week. I’ve also been playing tour guide which is something I’ve enjoyed since joining CouchSurfing. So today, we went to Trafalgar Falls in Dominica. Dominica is famous for it’s spring water and waterfalls and lush greenery. We melted in the hot pools. And then climbed lots of rocks bare-foot and went to the falls where the water was icy cold. I slipped on a moss-covered rock at one stage, fell and almost slammed face first into a rock. I was literally an inch away from a broken nose. Oh well. Then lunch, which consisted of a home-made cheeseburger and Kubuli beer (local beer made with spring water and no preservatives).

Yes. I had a cheeseburger in the Caribbean. I’m a hypocrite.

Trafalgar falls
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