Day 104: San Juan #11

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9:10 PM GMT-4 // docked in San Juan, staff bar {cruise day 1/14}

“A traveler without observation is a bird without wings.” — Moslih Eddin Saadi

I like having lots of friendly acquaintances on the ship, but I’ve been sort of avoiding investing too much energy into deep friendships in general. I think part of it’s because this lifestyle is so transient, which makes it a bit of an emotional roller-coaster. It never gets easier, meeting awesome people in your travels only to say goodbye a short while later. That’s my official reason, but I also think people think I’m kinda weird as well especially since I introduce myself as the ship pornographer. Yeah well it’s not like I’m in the pornos, so fuck you.

Anyway, we had some seasonal youth staff this past month and they brought loads of positive energy to the ship. It was like a hurricane of good karma, except some of them got into trouble for silly things. So maybe good karma for the rest of us, but for them not so much. They left today and the void is definitely felt here now. I miss them.

I often like to say “people come and people go”. But of course I’m being ironic. Sort of like when I offer to shake people’s hands. I hate shaking hands unless its completely inappropriate. Like after sex, because then I think it’s hilarious. But I digress. I don’t really believe people “come and go” because I often think of all the amazing people I’ve met in my life. And I wonder how I’m going to stay in touch with them when they are spread all over the world. It’s not like if you say goodbye to one awesome person and meet a new awesome person that they are replaced. It’s just that your life has been enriched even further. Everyone is special in their own unique way.

I was in San Juan today sitting in Starbucks when I remembered that another awesome person I had met 3 years ago was in town. I had couchsurfed at Christine’s in 2007 in Vienna, while I was living in Prague and we just happened to both be in Old San Juan at the moment. I love meeting up with friends in different countries; it just makes me feel like the world is a small place. And it was definitely great to catch up with Christine again. Maybe I can find a way to keep in touch with all the amazing people I know.

Ahem. Okay. Enough cheesiness.

Goodbye Caribbean, hello Panama. After 3 months in the Caribbean we finally head to Alaska via Panama. It’ll be a 14 day cruise with 8 sea days. So, big changes. Lots of the crew will be signing off at the end of this cruise as well. New cruises feel a bit like New Year’s, so I like to make new cruise resolutions.

Last cruise my cruise resolutions were:

1. Party more ✔
2. Eat more burgers ✔
3. Buy new clothes ✔
4. Eat more chocolate ✔
5. Kick ass at Monopoly ✔
6. Lose at poker ✔

Admittedly some of these resolutions may not have been very constructive. But I do like being goal-oriented which is constructive in itself.

Now, my new cruise resolutions are:

1. No more burgers
2. Call mum. Or at least email her. Soon.
3. Eat more salads
4. Drink more water and green tea
5. Include Paddington bear in more videos
6. Wear more sparkles

having a beer with Christine in Old San Juan
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