Day 3: St Kitts

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4.27 p.m. // St Kitts {cruise day 4/9}

Today we arrived in St Kitts. Operation Cruise Control went into full swing (maximizing my cruise life experience).

Life on the ship is definitely different. I think I know what it’s like to be a sardine now.

Also it’s not like we are a community here (compared with being a camp counselor on a summer camp). This is a job. And like many jobs, people are segregated by department. On top of that we have the “cultural cliques”: the main ones seem to be the Indians, the Filipinos, the Caribbeans, the Russians. We aren’t in Toronto anymore, Dorothy. Or Kansas.

No matter. There are lots of positives as well. Being able to walk to work in under 5 minutes is awesome. And by awesome, I mean TOTALLY SWEET. Also, I’m my own boss so I decide what I’m going to do and when I’m going to do it. Being an officer I can leave the boat whenever it’s docked as well (except there’s usually work to do till 11 a.m.). And perhaps best of all, I have access to eat in the guest restaurant. This is no meager perk. The guest food is very good (I had steak for lunch). Compare that to bland staff food which is reminiscent of what you’d be served at an underfunded school camp in Eastern Europe during Communist times. The main “spice” being salt. I have no problems eating by myself when those are the options.

7.59pm // at seas
One of the missions of Operation Cruise Control is to be radically friendly. Not that I’m unfriendly by nature, but I find many people here stare blankly at me or look away, when I smile at them. What’s up with that? Maybe it’s cultural. Maybe I should be more obvious with an extroverted “HELLO!!”. Either way, my mission is to engage people and I’m starting to have some success.

I’ve finally got my name tag and access key sorted so that’s a relief. Now, I just need to figure out the internet!

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